Where’s Trev?

Trev is being used by members of Team Trev to visit community events and for general commuting. Look out for us on the streets of Adelaide.


12 responses to “Where’s Trev?

  1. Paul Ritchie

    I just wanted to say good luck with this remarkable endevour and fair water to you all !

  2. I wish you all the best. I just wish I could be in LA when you get there. I drive a Hybrid and I also ride one of my bikes that I sell. Almost 4000 miles on the bike this summer. So, the more electrics that are available, the better. I would like to know when the plans are on the site so I can make one of my own. May the wind be at your back and your electronics be solid. Remember to tighten as you go.
    Drew Stevens

  3. Go Jason, Go Nick!

  4. Hi guys! See you made to to the Geneva start line. Congratulations!!! Question – are you having trouble with My Tracks? Can’t see you on the Zero Race website map.

    • Hi Clive, thanks for your question. We’re currently in Winterthur with the other Zero Race teams, but our in-car GPS is malfunctioning.

  5. Where are you? No sign of you on the map.

    • Rob, we’re currently in Winterthur with the other Zero Race teams, but our in-car GPS is malfunctioning so we aren’t showing up on the map.

  6. Glad to hear its just a GPS problem. After not finding you ANYWHERE in Switzerland on the Zero Race map, was worried that Jason had taken a wrong turn and Trev had ended up in the inky darkness of the Zurichsee.
    Has Trev been behaving since the start in Geneva? And has the driver grown impatient of the back seat passenger asking “Are we there yet?”.

  7. marisa beattie

    Good luck Dickson! We’ll be checking the site to keep updated 😉

  8. If you need a small satellite tracker let us know it will be the same as this one from http://www.axonn.com/ that we use in Australia.

  9. Jack McArthur

    Fantastic effort, what a great thing to be apart of. Some talk about it but you are DOING IT. I hope it continues to be a great experience. You deserve all the praise you get.

  10. Bill Northrop

    What you are doing is fantastic! It only shows what superb brains we have here in Adeliade. I will be following your progress with enthusiasm, hoping for a win. Your dedication and sheer grit with so little money is appreciated.
    Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie – Go, Go, Go!
    AEVA Member

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