Upcoming Events:

9-11 August 2013, Trev will be at Science Alive! at Wayville Showgrounds. Come and see us, and hear about our African Solar Taxi project.


Past Events:

24 November 2012, Trev was  at the Amped Up EV display in Pioneer Park, Gawler, from 09:00 – 15:00.

3 November 2012, Trev was on display at the Transitions Film Festival for the screening of ‘Revenge of the Electric Car’.

15-16 September 2012, Trev drove to Murray Bridge for the Pedal Prix.

7-9 September 2012, Trev was on display at the Royal Adelaide Show.

10-12 August 2012, Trev featured at Science Alive at the Wayville Showgrounds.

15-21 January 2012, Trev was at the Tour Down Under Village in Victoria Square.

20-23 October 2011, Trev was on display at the finish line of the World Solar Challenge.

13 September 2011, Peter gave a presentation to mechanical engineering societies, at Mawson Lakes.

21 August 2011, Trev was on display at the UniSA Open Day at City West.

10 August 2011, Trev, Nick and Andrew featured at the TIA Career Evening.

5-8 August 2011, Trev was at Science Alive at the Wayville Showgrounds.

26 July 2011, Peter presented a talk on Trev and the impact of electric vehicles to the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Joint Technical Program.

25 July 2011, Peter presented a talk on electric vehicles to the Australian Institute of Energy, Perth Branch.

20 July 2011, Peter spoke at the Adelaide branch meeting of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association about the lessons learned from building Trev and driving it around the world.

6 November 2010, Representatives of Team Trev were in Victoria Square, with a 1/5 scale model of Trev and photographs from Zero Race, as part of the EV Festival Expo.

5 November 2010, Peter gave the keynote address and a talk about Trev at an EV Festival Conference in Adelaide. Andrew also gave a presentation about renewable energy technologies.

21 October 2010, Peter gave an update on Trev’s progress at the Australian EV and Smart Grid Conference in Brisbane.

29 August 2010, Peter was at the UniSA Festival of Innovation at Mawson Lakes. Trev was not be there, but he had the UniSA solar car Ned, and a selection of postcards from Trev.

16 August 2010, Zero Race started in Geneva.

10 August 2010, Peter gave a talk about electric vehicles, Trev and Zero Race at the Glenalta Neighborhood Watch.

8 August 2010, Peter gave a talk about Trev as part of the Eco Living Expo at Science Alive, Wayville Showgrounds, Adelaide.

7 August 2010, Trev shipped out of Adelaide for Geneva.

10 May 2010, Trev was back at the Adelaide Convention Centre for a Tertiary Education Expo.

28-30 April 2010, Trev was on display at the Australian Council for New Urbanism Conference in Adelaide.

15-16 April 2010, Peter gave a keynote talk about Trev (and other electric vehicles) at the Automotive Educators Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand.

13 April 2010,  Andrew and Peter talked about Trev to an enthusiastic meeting of the Alternative Technology Association.

15-16 February 2010, Trev was on display at the CleverGreen Conference and Showcase.

24 January 2010, Trev was on display at the Tour Down Under.

7 January 2010, Team Trev and founder and director of Zero Race, Louis Palmer, gave a public talk in Adelaide.

6 January 2010, Trev was on display in Rundle Mall.

8 December 2009, Trev was on display at the UniSA Engineering Program Information Session.

25 November 2009, Presentation about Team Trev and Zero Race to the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (Adelaide Branch).


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