The following people and organisations have helped us with products, services or advice. Thanks.

  • Bills Motorcycles chased up the Can Am Spyder parts we used on our front suspension.
  • Customs Agency Services coordinated the freighting of the batteries from Korea, and the transport of Trev to/from Switzerland.
  • Joe Maurici from TAFE SA upholstered our seats.
  • The Technology Industry Association have helped publicise Team Trev and provided industry contacts.
  • Kilburn Crash Repairs¬†tidied and painted our new canopy edge. They also did a lot of work on the original car body.
  • TrustPower has donated the required 100% green power for our drive around the world.
  • Vanree Software Consultancy has donated a netbook to assist our on-the-road communications.
  • Donnelly Insurance Brokers organised battery freight insurance at very short notice and financial support for our transit insurance around the world.
  • QBE heavily discounted our transit insurance premium.
  • Mic Chapman ( has been a key member of our technical team, and is now a driver in Zero Race.
  • Philip Winter at Winters Law provided notary services and advice pro bono.
  • Duane Hoole at Quick 220 Systems gave us good advice about plugs, sockets and voltages in North America, and arranged prompt delivery to Canada of their system for extracting 230 V from two 115 V circuits.

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