Benefactors make a unique contribution towards Team Trev. They are generally individuals with a strong interest with what we are trying to achieve, and their financial contribution makes an enormous difference to us.

In return for their contribution, Benefactors get to experience driving Trev in Zero Race. Read about one such experience here.

The following people / organisations have generously decided to become Team Trev Benefactors:

  • Keith Drake, Queensland
  • Wind Prospect Pty Ltd, Adelaide (nominated driver: Michael Vawser)
  • Jamie Cornish, Bristol UK

If you are interested in becoming a Team Trev Benefactor, please contact us.


3 responses to “Benefactors

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  2. Just a question, are you planting trees to help offset your carbon footprint. What a great concept, what price are you thinking, can it be licensed in Australia?

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