Get Involved

There are several ways you can get involved with Team Trev:

As a Volunteer

The work to upgrade Trev for Zero Race has now been completed, and Trev has departed Australia for Zero Race. We still need to provide logistical support to Trev during Zero Race, though, and to manage a large volume of web content (stories, photos, videos).

If logistics or content management appeal to you, and you have some time to contribute to our team, please get in touch.

As a Benefactor

Benefactors will play a crucial role in the team, by contributing cash towards our Zero Race campaign. In return for their a contribution of $2,500, Benefactors will:

  • get the opportunity to drive Trev in their preferred day in Zero Race (subject to availability) and participate in that day’s media events and other events as a valued member of Team Trev
  • get a Team Trev polo shirt
  • be acknowledged (either by name or anonymously at their request) on our Benefactors page

Get in quick!

As a Sponsor

Team Trev Sponsors have a unique opportunity to take their brand to a worldwide audience. Zero Race will travel through 16 different countries and will stop for press events in approximately 150 major cities along the way, including Geneva, Brussels, Berlin, Kiev, Moscow, Shanghai, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Mexico City, and Lisbon. We will also feature at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun (Mexico) in late November 2010.

Media interest in Zero Race will be very high, and your logo on Trev will take your brand to a worldwide audience. We are committed to providing our Sponsors with real value for their sponsorship dollars.

As a Supporter

There are many companies which have  products and  services which we require for our Zero Race campaign. If your company would like to support us with your particular products and services, we’d be glad to hear from you. Supporters will be acknowledged on the Supporters page.

By making a donation

If you cannot become a Benefactor or contribute particular skills or time, your financial contribution is still extremely welcome. Facilities for making online donations are expected to be available soon, and you can also make donations offline—please contact us for options.


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