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Arrival in Cancun, Mexico!

In the three weeks since the blog has been updated, Trev and the rest of Zero Race has travelled all the way through the USA, has crossed into Mexico, and has just arrived at the World Climate Change conference in Cancun!

Zero Race arrives in Cancun

Our arrival completes the second leg of the Zero Emissions Race around the world and more than 23,000 km of driving since leaving Geneva in August.

Trev has been driven through North America from Vancouver to Cancun by Nick and Andrew, who have put in an enormous effort to overcome challenges such as reliable charging access, long driving days, cold weather, troubles with Trev’s motor controller, Mexican speed bumps and potholes up to half a metre across and 30 cm deep! A very tired Andrew and Nick have now been joined in Cancun by Peter, and the rest of Team Trev are hugely proud of their efforts.

Trev will help spread the message in Cancun that we need to be developing alternative means of travel with low carbon emissions and low energy use. In a few days’ time we will put Trev on a ship back to Europe for the final leg of Zero Race, arriving back at the start line at the UN headquarters in Geneva in late January.

There have been many highlights of the trip through North America. We will  write about these in future blog posts, coming soon.

We are very grateful for the ongoing support of our sponsors who have helped us get this far: UniSA, Google Australia, Galaxy Resources, EcoGreen Electrical, Design Ecology, ABN Newswire and Catcon.


Cruising across China

Ours fears of being forced onto secondary roads across China proved unwarranted – Zero Race vehicles are allowed on major highways so we’re all proceeding a-pace along the 5,000km towards Shanghai.

Chinese highway (courtesy of Zero Race)

Chinese highway (courtesy of Zero Race)

We’ve been driving big distances through vast desert landscapes. Trev has just set its new record for the distance driven on one charge: 260km. This is about what we’d designed Trev to achieve, but we’ve previously only been able to manage about 200km.

Vast desert landscapes (courtesy of Zero Race)

Vast desert landscapes (courtesy of Zero Race)

At Jiayaguan we visited the Great Wall of China, at the westernmost section of the Ming Great Wall. It is also the only part of the Great Wall which crosses the ancient Silk Route, which has been our driving route since Almaty in Kazakhstan. Dickson even managed to try out a local renewable energy vehicle (a.k.a. a camel).

Dickson tries a local renewable energy vehicle (courtesy of Zero Race)

Dickson tries a local renewable energy vehicle (courtesy of Zero Race)

Dickson is spending long long hours in the cockpit, keeping the kilometres ticking over and staying on schedule to arrive in Shanghai this Thursday. With any luck he will meet up in Danyang with representatives from our sponsor Galaxy Resources for an opportunity to drive Trev into Shanghai.

Truck stop noodles (courtesy of Zero Race)

Truck stop noodles (courtesy of Zero Race)

Benefactor Keith Drake

Whilst Trev is largely out of contact, driving through  remote stretches of north western China, we’ll take the opportunity to introduce a valued member of Team Trev: Benefactor Keith Drake from Queensland.

Keith at the Zero Race start in Geneva

Keith at the Zero Race start in Geneva

Keith heard about Team Trev through an ABC TV news story in January 2010. Keith has a long interest in sustainability, and had invested in a cleantech venture many years ago. He made contact with us and he generously agreed to become the founding Benefactor of Team Trev.

Besides Keith’s financial contribution to Team Trev, he has also generously supported us with his time and energy. He spent a week in Adelaide shortly before Trev’s departure for Europe, and spent long hours in the workshop affixing lightweight lining to Trev’s interior to make it more comfortable and presentable. This was a job which we’d always intended to do but always had other pressing technical problems to solve, so it was a godsend for Keith to take charge of this task.

Keith also flew to Europe via Adelaide before the start of Zero Race, and he lugged a large, heavy suitcase full of spare parts to Trev in  Switzerland. Then, before he could recover from jetlag, he was thrust into the frenetic activities involved with preparating for Zero Race and then the first days of the race itself.

To make matters even more challenging, several days into the race, Keith’s seat in the support van became occupied by Zero Race photographers so he was left behind to fend for himself. At that stage Trev was experiencing great technical difficulties and needed to withdraw from the race to undertake repairs in Berlin, so Keith didn’t get a chance to drive Trev in Zero Race, as intended.

With Trev’s technical difficulties largely resolved, and with the next leg of Zero Race in North America on the horizon, we hope that Keith can finally get to experience the thrill of driving Trev in the first race around the world for electric vehicles powered by renewable energy.

Guest post – Benefactor Michael Vawser drives Trev

Well I have to say that was one of my best adventures for ages, and definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Driving TREV was a thrill in itself, but driving from Vienna, into Hungary through Budapest to Debrecen was a thrill and a half!

Michael driving Trev in Hungary

Michael driving Trev in Hungary

Even though not everything went perfectly for the car and we needed a few more recharges than desired, I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face. I think the reaction of the Hungarian folks in the street was the biggest buzz – not only were they looking at a rocket shaped electric car, but it was being driven by a couple of Aussies! We were offered tea, coffee, cakes (force fed), and even Red Bull, to keep us going and to nourish us. The generosity of the people was very touching, but also the delight and awe they displayed at the journey we were on and the vehicle we were in was great. We recharged in petrol stations, museums, and even people’s front yards (through their windows)!

Recharging through a window

Recharging through a window

I never realised there would be electric car enthusiasts in Budapest! It was actually very inspiring to know that some Austrians/Hungarians had hobbies and even businesses based on electric cars. I even went for a spin in a Tesla Roadster Sport, in the hills above Vienna! Woohoo!

The Team were great – Mic, Nick, and Jason – really held it together after already two weeks of gruelling schedule – and many repairs to boot – so the guys are a credit to Adelaide. And they were in fact brilliant tutors and hosts for my trip!

Team TREV is in fact the only vehicle built from the ground up, still in the race! What an amazing achievement! Thanks to Andrew Dickson for egging me on, and for the entire team on the road and back in Adelaide for making this all possible.

I highly recommend anyone interested in a way-out experience to take up the challenge and drive TREV for a day – you will not regret it, in fact you will be delighted! I am tempted to do it again myself……!

By Michael Vawser

Good times!

Good times!

Keen to drive Trev in Zero Race?

We have had a lot of interest from people keen to drive Trev. Many people haven’t driven a fully electric car yet, and Trev is … well … unique. (A short video of Trev driving is here).

Today we’re announcing a great new option for people who want to enjoy the unique experience of driving Trev during Zero Race: the first race around the world for electric vehicles powered by renewable energy.

A typical Zero Race day consists of:

  • a media event after breakfast
  • up to 250km of driving in the morning
  • another media event after lunch
  • up to 250km of further driving
  • most days, an appearance at an event or a location which promotes the Zero Race ideals

For AUD2500 / GBP1400 / EUR1700 / USD2200, you can become a Benefactor and enjoy the following benefits:

  • drive Trev in your preferred day during  Zero Race (subject to availability)
  • become a valued part of our team
  • get your name on the Benefactors page on our website (
  • receive a Team Trev polo shirt
  • attend your day’s media events and public events during Zero Race

This will be a very unique experience, and Benefactor positions are limited. Please get in touch ( if you’re interested.

Google sponsors Team Trev in Zero Race

Google Australia has become a sponsor of Team Trev, as it prepares to race around the world in Zero Race.

Team Director Andrew Dickson says that Google’s sponsorship is a huge boost for the team, and is a vote of confidence in the vision behind the design of Trev.

“Trev is a potentially game changing vehicle. It is very lightweight at only 350kg, and it uses small amounts of energy to recharge. It is conceivable that urban commuting in Trev could be powered entirely from domestic photovoltaic panels. It is a ‘power it yourself’ car,” he says.

“Trev is also an ‘open source’ car, with car plans and designs available for free on the internet. In the future Trev may be developed into a kit car, which people could build themselves. Trev would then be a ‘build it yourself, power it yourself’ car.”

Google Australia’s Engineering Director Alan Noble says that Trev caught his eye and appealed to his sense of innovation.

“This is a fantastic example of Australian technology – Trev is an open source electric vehicle designed and built here in Australia. We love the concept and we’re proud to support Trev as it travels around the world.”

With Google’s support, Team Trev will compete against teams from Switzerland, South Korea, Spain, China and the USA.

New Sponsor – Galaxy Resources

Team Trev is delighted to welcome onboard a new sponsor: Galaxy Resources.

Galaxy Resources is an emerging Australian mining and chemical company focusing on lithium and tantalum production. It is at an advanced stage of developing its Mt Cattlin Lithium Project in Ravensthorpe, Western Australia. It intends to add value to the Mt Cattlin Project by establishing its own downstream lithium processing facilities in Jiangsu Province, China.

Team Trev Director Andrew Dickson said Galaxy Resources is a great fit for Team Trev.

“Lithium is an essential ingredient in many battery technologies, including the lithium ion batteries favoured by electric cars including Trev. Many future electric cars will be powered by batteries containing Australian lithium mined and processed by Galaxy Resources.”

“We are grateful to Galaxy for their Gold sponsorship of Team Trev, and we are happy to take Galaxy’s brand around the world with us during Zero Race.”