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Trev and New Urbanism

Delegates at the Australian Council for New Urbanism Congress at the Adelaide Convention Centre this week might notice a small green car lurking in the background.

New Urbanism is an design movement that promotes sustainable cities, featuring:

  • mixed use, walkable neighbourhoods, each with a well-defined centre
  • well-connected streets that disperse and slow traffic, so that neighbourhood streets can be safely shared by vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians
  • electric mass-transit between neighbourhood centres
  • well-defined architecture reflecting climate and culture.

Even though we are currently focussed on driving Trev around the world, it is really these types of communities we had in mind when designing a small, clean, quiet, efficient car—something to get you between neighbourhoods if you don’t have a mass transit system.

If you are a New Urbanist who saw Trev at the Congress, you can find out more about Trev at our “About Trev” pages.

Louis Palmer’s public talk

Last night, Team Trev and Louis Palmer, founder and director of Zero Race, gave a public presentation in Adelaide to an enthusiastic audience of about 65 people.

Team Trev manager, Andrew Dickson, introduced our team of volunteers and explained how and why we are going to take the UniSA car, Trev, and drive it around the world. Next, technical manager Peter Pudney showed the audience how to build a Trev.

The main attraction was Louis Palmer, who gave an inspiring presentation about how he achieved his childhood dream of driving a solar powered car around the world.

Louis describing his bicycle ride across Africa

Louis finished off with a brief overview of Zero Race. Louis and Team Trev then took questions from the audience before moving outside to look at Trev.

Trev in Rundle Mall

Yesterday we took Trev into Rundle Mall. ABC TV News came along and asked people whether they would drive something like Trev. Most people would.

Trev in Rundle Mall

(more photos)

We were also interviewed by Channel 7, ABC Radio and Radio Adelaide, and have online stories on Yahoo!7 and ABC News Online.

Tonight Trev will be at the UniSA City West campus for a public talk by Louis Palmer on Zero Race; see Upcoming Events for more details.

Louis Palmer visits Adelaide

In June 2010, Team Trev will set off from Shanghai in a small green electric car, Trev, and drive around the world.

Trev is the only Australian entrant in Zero Race, a tour around the world for electric vehicles powered by renewable energy.

The founder and Race Director of Zero Race, Louis Palmer, will be visiting us from Switzerland on 7 January 2010, and giving a public presentation on Zero Race and on his Solar Taxi adventures. This is a great opportunity to meet Trev and Team Trev, and to see Louis speak.

See Upcoming Events for more information about our event, and the Zero Race web site for more information about Louis.

We are still looking for volunteers and supporters to help with our campaign. If you are interested, get involved.