North American leg gets underway from Vancouver

When Trev and the other Zero Race vehicles were unloaded from the ship from Shanghai, we were apprehensive about any damage they may have sustained, but we were relieved to find all the vehicles undamaged. Not a scratch, in fact!

Nick and Andrew had arrived in Vancouver carrying spare parts from Australia: a new rear wheel, spare shock absorbers, software updates and various spare circuit boards. They had a couple of days to inspect for any damage to Trev from the long drive from Geneva to Shanghai, to perform some technical upgrades, to get the official paperwork sorted for our North American drive and to sort out an array of electrical sockets  and chargers for the different power outlets we anticipate in North America. Busy busy.

Athlete's Village, Vancouver (courtesy of Zero Race)

The North American leg commenced at the Athlete’s Village in Vancouver on Friday 12th November, and headed south to Seattle, where we participated in the Seattle International Motor Show. From there it was down to Portland in Oregon, driving through beautiful, thickly forested landscapes. It has been wet and misty, which isn’t ideal weather for electric vehicles, but so far so good.

Zero Race vehicles with the eVaro EV (courtesy of Zero Race)

Trev at the Seattle International Motor Show (courtesy of Zero Race)

We have been overwhelmed with the  enthusiasm from supporters and hosts along the way so far in North America. It’s great being able to speak the same language (unlike most of the first leg of Zero Race), and there have been electric vehicle associations who have been very generous to the Zero Race teams. Vancouver, Seattle and Portland are at the forefront of sustainable transport innovation, and it was great learning about the electric vehicle charging facilities they’re installing in advance of the first wave of mass produced electric vehicles, which are just starting to appear on the streets.

Andrew, our newest Team Trev Zero Race driver (courtesy of Zero Race)

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