Benefactor Keith Drake

Whilst Trev is largely out of contact, driving through  remote stretches of north western China, we’ll take the opportunity to introduce a valued member of Team Trev: Benefactor Keith Drake from Queensland.

Keith at the Zero Race start in Geneva

Keith at the Zero Race start in Geneva

Keith heard about Team Trev through an ABC TV news story in January 2010. Keith has a long interest in sustainability, and had invested in a cleantech venture many years ago. He made contact with us and he generously agreed to become the founding Benefactor of Team Trev.

Besides Keith’s financial contribution to Team Trev, he has also generously supported us with his time and energy. He spent a week in Adelaide shortly before Trev’s departure for Europe, and spent long hours in the workshop affixing lightweight lining to Trev’s interior to make it more comfortable and presentable. This was a job which we’d always intended to do but always had other pressing technical problems to solve, so it was a godsend for Keith to take charge of this task.

Keith also flew to Europe via Adelaide before the start of Zero Race, and he lugged a large, heavy suitcase full of spare parts to Trev in  Switzerland. Then, before he could recover from jetlag, he was thrust into the frenetic activities involved with preparating for Zero Race and then the first days of the race itself.

To make matters even more challenging, several days into the race, Keith’s seat in the support van became occupied by Zero Race photographers so he was left behind to fend for himself. At that stage Trev was experiencing great technical difficulties and needed to withdraw from the race to undertake repairs in Berlin, so Keith didn’t get a chance to drive Trev in Zero Race, as intended.

With Trev’s technical difficulties largely resolved, and with the next leg of Zero Race in North America on the horizon, we hope that Keith can finally get to experience the thrill of driving Trev in the first race around the world for electric vehicles powered by renewable energy.


One response to “Benefactor Keith Drake

  1. Hello Team Trev
    Glad to see Trev and the team are making good progress and enjoying the vast scenery that this world of ours has to offer.
    Green energy being put to the test – fantastic. FYI, we continue to do our bit for Green Energy back here in Australia with the construction of 3 individual Wind Farm projects across various parts of Australia consecutively.
    The staff here in Adelaide have asked me for an update about your progress and travels – if you still have the CATCON sticker could you take a photo of Trev with our brand name next to it and post it on the website.
    Many thanks and we look forward to keeping up-to-date with your journey.
    Susan Green
    Group Manager – HR & Strategy

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