Into China

On the weekend Trev crossed the border into north western China. So begins the final push of the first leg of Zero Race.

Zero Race participants at the Chinese border

Zero Race participants at the Chinese border (courtesy of Zero Race)

We need to drive 5,000km in 10 days to reach Shanghai on schedule, which means an average of 500km per day. This is a lot actually – Trev can drive about 200km between charges so realistically¬†it means three stops per day to recharge. These stops are often in random, out of the way places and require negotiations with locals to plug into electrical outlets, generally without the benefit of speaking the same language. If the electrical outlets are poor, we can’t get enough current to charge the batteries in a reasonable timeframe, so generally we unplug and search for a better outlet. This can be a very time consuming process.

When the Zero Race vehicles get out of Chinese customs this morning, they all need to be recharged from virtually empty, and they’ll learn whether they can drive on the main highways across China or whether they have to stay on secondary roads. This will make a big difference to the speed and quality of travel and the amount of time behind the wheel. It could be a very long and demanding 10 days.


2 responses to “Into China

  1. Very impressive guys. Keep it up! Good luck on your China leg.

  2. Jekabs Strikis

    I haven’t followed your blog. But, how you got to northwest China 5oookm from Shanghai must be a story in itself. I hope you have an adaptor for those power leads. Jekabs

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