Across Kazakhstan

Last week Trev completed its crossing of Russia. Dickson successfully adopted a ‘laid back Aussie approach’ towards negotiations with Russian policemen.

Dickson's laid back approach to Russian policemen

Dickson's laid back approach to Russian policemen (courtesy of Zero Race)

After a border crossing which involved great confusion at the lack of numbers on Trev’s registration plate, the Zero Race participants crossed into Kazakhstan, ahead of a very demanding week’s driving.

Entry into Kazakhstan

Entry into Kazakhstan (courtesy of Zero Race)

The conditions of Kazakh roads have been all extremes. Brand new, virtually empty motorways were followed by some incredibly bad roads which gave Trev a brutal physical workover and damaged the rear shock absorber. Trev’s three wheeled design makes it difficult to avoid pot holes – Trev was designed for urban commuting rather than circumnavigation, after all, but the car is holding up very well so far.

Rough roads

Rough roads

Damaged shock absorber

Damaged shock absorber (courtesy of Zero Race)

Kazakhstan’s wide open steppes saw it being used as the location for much of the former Soviet Union’s nuclear testing program, leaving Kazakhstan with the legacy of having some of the most radioactive and polluted places on earth. Zero Race drove very close to some of these areas, and stayed overnight in a building once used as a sanatorium for children affected by radiation. Dickson has been on alert for any signs of Trev glowing green in the dark, and wishes he packed his lead undergarments.

Despite all the many challenges of driving through this part of the world, the welcome from local towns and communities has been very warm and hospitable. Dickson even managed to score the attention of some of some local Kazakh beauties.

Dickson meets the locals

Dickson meets the locals (courtesy of Zero Race)

This weekend Zero Race enters China.


3 responses to “Across Kazakhstan

  1. Why are you so red Dicksie?

  2. What an adventure !

  3. Daina and Laisve

    G’day from Australia. Looks like some one’s having a good time! Hello Dickson from Savana and Crystal.

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