Guest post – Benefactor Michael Vawser drives Trev

Well I have to say that was one of my best adventures for ages, and definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Driving TREV was a thrill in itself, but driving from Vienna, into Hungary through Budapest to Debrecen was a thrill and a half!

Michael driving Trev in Hungary

Michael driving Trev in Hungary

Even though not everything went perfectly for the car and we needed a few more recharges than desired, I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face. I think the reaction of the Hungarian folks in the street was the biggest buzz – not only were they looking at a rocket shaped electric car, but it was being driven by a couple of Aussies! We were offered tea, coffee, cakes (force fed), and even Red Bull, to keep us going and to nourish us. The generosity of the people was very touching, but also the delight and awe they displayed at the journey we were on and the vehicle we were in was great. We recharged in petrol stations, museums, and even people’s front yards (through their windows)!

Recharging through a window

Recharging through a window

I never realised there would be electric car enthusiasts in Budapest! It was actually very inspiring to know that some Austrians/Hungarians had hobbies and even businesses based on electric cars. I even went for a spin in a Tesla Roadster Sport, in the hills above Vienna! Woohoo!

The Team were great – Mic, Nick, and Jason – really held it together after already two weeks of gruelling schedule – and many repairs to boot – so the guys are a credit to Adelaide. And they were in fact brilliant tutors and hosts for my trip!

Team TREV is in fact the only vehicle built from the ground up, still in the race! What an amazing achievement! Thanks to Andrew Dickson for egging me on, and for the entire team on the road and back in Adelaide for making this all possible.

I highly recommend anyone interested in a way-out experience to take up the challenge and drive TREV for a day – you will not regret it, in fact you will be delighted! I am tempted to do it again myself……!

By Michael Vawser

Good times!

Good times!


5 responses to “Guest post – Benefactor Michael Vawser drives Trev

  1. Go Team Trev! Well done guys, so great to put Adelaide out there!

  2. Nice to see a familiar smiling face behind the wheel. Good work all round!

  3. Kelly Browne

    Nice work, Michael, and the rest of the team! That certainly sounds like quite the experience.

  4. Well done Michael! This looks great!

  5. To Louis, fantastic all pictures and I am envious not to be in the team. My Hotzenblitz goes only 110 KM with 1 charge. All the best for the team and return save.

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