Technical difficulties…

We have experienced a few technical difficulties over the past few days. Most frustrating have been problems establishing reliable communications between the crew in Switzerland and the rest of the team back in Australia. Getting a good data plan is not easy if you are only going to be in a country for a few days. But the information and photos started flowing today (thanks Keith!), and we have started a gallery.

Nick on the start line, Geneva, looking for an Australian socket

We have also had some problems with the car:

  • Moisture in the battery box caused communication problems in the battery management system. This did not stop the car from driving, but Nick and Jason put in long hours in the two days leading up to the start of the race trying to fix the problem. The crew will pick up replacement parts in Brussels.
  • There was some damage to the lower suspension mounts in transit. With the help of the Zerotracer team, the crew has overcome the problem by running reinforcing beams across the underside of the car. Meanwhile, the team back in Australia has worked out a permanent repair.
  • The installation of the GPS tracker in our car has not been reliable; consequently, our location on the Zero Race web site has been missing or delayed. This should be fixed soon.

The crew is working very hard—Zero Race events, driving between cities, and maintaining the car. Mic joined the crew yesterday, and provided some welcome respite. But they are in good spirits, and getting an enthusiastic response to the car wherever they go. We will post some of their stories and photographs over the next few days.


3 responses to “Technical difficulties…

  1. Well, now you have magical Mic your problems are over! Best of luck guys….

  2. Hi Keith, Nick, et al,

    Your EV gives you a wonderful opportunity to help us at wikiSPEEDia.

    We want you to get an Android mobile phone and log speed limits as your drivers drive around. There are several free apps on the Android market to assist you. “Back Seat Driver”, “Speed Limit”, “Speeding Ticket”. They all log to wikiSPEEDia automatically.

    Any sign you log is copyrighted, owned by you forever. Its worldwide. We have 27M signs in US, UK, Norway and beyond.

    Your drivers are bored and you have GPS working, so why not help us out? We are building a GPS cruise control and your submissions will help save approx 1000 lives each year from crashes from accidental speeding.

    Jim Pruett, Founder

  3. Jean Kekedo

    I have been following Zero Tracer Team especially Nick and Jason. Good luck as you leave China for the Americas. Jean Kekedo London

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