Trev. It’s registered.

5 responses to “Trev. It’s registered.

  1. Keith Drake

    You are now fully qualified, and are looking great, Go out and show the World what you can do.
    You are young; have been nurtured with loving hands and have such good qualities.
    We know you will experience all manner of things and meet a wide variety of people. We also know you will not hurt our planet. Tread lightly. We are relying on you to lead by example.
    Send back lots of photos and the news of your journeys.
    Good luck, take care, from Down-under here we will all be thinking of you.
    We love you.

  2. Will be following your progress in Zero Race with much interest.

  3. Looking forward to commercial release. May I suggest you let design students loose on TREV looking at forward markets. Surfboard/Fishing Rod Rack on top, Bike Rack at the back, plenty of storage space for shopping, cup holders inside. High Vis colours, body made from recycled plastic, ect
    Cheers..Tim Lawrence

  4. Are these vehicles able to be purchased either as a kit , in parts or in full ?
    Found this link through another link from the Australian Electric Vehicle Association

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