Google sponsors Team Trev in Zero Race

Google Australia has become a sponsor of Team Trev, as it prepares to race around the world in Zero Race.

Team Director Andrew Dickson says that Google’s sponsorship is a huge boost for the team, and is a vote of confidence in the vision behind the design of Trev.

“Trev is a potentially game changing vehicle. It is very lightweight at only 350kg, and it uses small amounts of energy to recharge. It is conceivable that urban commuting in Trev could be powered entirely from domestic photovoltaic panels. It is a ‘power it yourself’ car,” he says.

“Trev is also an ‘open source’ car, with car plans and designs available for free on the internet. In the future Trev may be developed into a kit car, which people could build themselves. Trev would then be a ‘build it yourself, power it yourself’ car.”

Google Australia’s Engineering Director Alan Noble says that Trev caught his eye and appealed to his sense of innovation.

“This is a fantastic example of Australian technology – Trev is an open source electric vehicle designed and built here in Australia. We love the concept and we’re proud to support Trev as it travels around the world.”

With Google’s support, Team Trev will compete against teams from Switzerland, South Korea, Spain, China and the USA.

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