Trev is powered by the wind

A requirement of our participation in Zero Race is that we source 100% green power for our drive around the world. Being an electric car powered by renewable energy, our circumnavigation will effectively be emission free.

In reality, we will be charging from various electric grids along our circumnavigation route, and the energy we consume will be a mixture of coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind and solar generation. In effect we’ll be consuming a mixture of renewable and non-renewable energy but offsetting that with 100% renewable energy.

Trev requires approximately 70 Wh/km, so a 30,000km trip will consume approximately 2,100kWh (2.1MWh) of energy.

New Zealand based utility TrustPower has kindly donated this amount of green power to Team Trev, in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates and a cash donation. The energy will be sourced from TrustPower’s 98.7MW Snowtown Wind Farm in South Australia. This wind farm consists of 2.1MW wind turbines, so the amount of energy required to drive Trev around the world is generated by a single turbine in just one hour (at full power).

Team Trev is very grateful for TrustPower for its contribution towards our Zero Race campaign.


2 responses to “Trev is powered by the wind

  1. Joe O'Hanlon

    Hi Team,
    I really like this piece of news, not necessarily for the ‘Green’ issues but for the numbers.
    My sums indicated that a 6kWhr battery pack might do for a city battery car on a 10 mile (13km) trip to work & home, 20miles per day.
    This seems to be about twice your estimate for the consumption for your highly efficient Trev. That sounds OK to me.
    As a retired utilities engineer, my thoughts then move to a global scale, daily consuption, impact on the Electricity Supply Grid, nationally & globaly.
    Nice to have numbers to play with.

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