A milestone for the logistics team

The logistics team have completed their first major challenge, successfully importing our new batteries from Korea to the Team Trev workshop in Adelaide.

With no experience importing goods (especially dangerous and expensive goods!), we relied on the experts. We thank Chris Sergeant and Ben Poprawski from Customs Agency Services and Chris Donnelly from Donnellys Insurance Brokers for their great service in organising many aspects of the task and providing us with quick advice.

The arrival of the batteries was cause to stop and celebrate the progress of the team in preparing for Zero Race which starts in Geneva on 15 August, 2010.

If you look closely at the photo, you can see that work is still continuing on the car. Coordinating the arrival of the batteries is only one of the tasks which must be done to ensure that Trev will be ready for Zero Race in time. The technical team is working very hard and putting in an enormous effort.

Outside the workshop, there are still many logistical jobs to complete, including organising insurance, car registration, freighting the car to Europe, driver uniforms, driver rosters, visas, travel, and so on. If you want to help, contact us through the website.

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