I thought you were overseas?

Recently, people we meet have been surprised to see us. They think we should be overseas somewhere, driving Trev around the world.

We still have a few months to go before Zero Race starts. The reason you haven’t seen us about lately is that the technical team has been spending a lot of time in the workshop preparing Trev for the big drive, and the logistics team has been busy doing everything else we need to do to prepare for the trip.

We have made good progress with Trev:

  • fitted a new motor, wheel and suspension assembly to the rear of the car
  • developed a new motor controller for our new brushless motor
  • designed and almost finished building an improved suspension for the front of the car
  • designed and are building a simpler, lighter electrical system, based on microprocessor controlled nodes communicating on a serial CAN bus
  • designed and built a new dash display, with a 7-inch LCD monitor
  • improved the canopy and hinge mechanism.

We have also made good progress outside the workshop:

  • established a blog (you’re reading it!) and a mailing list
  • secured some enthusiastic sponsors (but we still need a few more)
  • formed an incorporated non-profit association (Team Trev Incorporated)
  • opened a bank account
  • made a short video clip—there are more coming
  • had Trev on display in Rundle Mall, at the Tour Down Under, and at the CleverGreen conference, with plenty of coverage on TV, in the press, and on the web
  • organised a public talk by Zero Race director and Solar Taxi driver, Louis Palmer
  • made dozens of lists of all the things we have to do before, during and after the race.

There is still plenty more to be done, both in the workshop and in the “office”. (We don’t really have an office—we use email, Google Wave and other internet tools to communicate, and occasionally meet at events or in cafes.

It is a lot of effort, but we think it is worth it.


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