Trev, the “build it yourself, power it yourself” car

Since unveiling Trev in 2005 we have had many enquiries from people wanting to build their own.

Our aim has always been to demonstrate the idea and encourage others to build upon and improve our ideas. The car we drove from Darwin to Adelaide in 2007 was simple and effective, but there was still plenty of room for improvement. In July 2009, Matt Green from Melbourne gave us a kick along by setting up a web site—Trevipedia—on which we could document our good ideas, and enthusiasts from around the globe could help improve the design.

Trev is an “open source” car. Plans and design details are freely available online on Trevipedia, and we encourage everyone to use our designs to design and build their own Trevs, and to share any improvements and ideas with other “Trev Heads”.

Building a roadworthy car is not an easy undertaking, but we are continually improving the design to make it as simple as possible. Ultimately, we hope someone will develop kits or even complete vehicles.

A key advantage of Trev is that it uses a lot less energy than conventional cars. This means that not only can you build it yourself, you can also power it yourself. An average daily commute in Adelaide is 32 km, and will require about 2 kWh of energy to recharge. A 500 W photovoltaic panel on the roof of your house will generate enough electricity each year to keep you mobile.

Imagine that. A car you can build yourself and power yourself.


2 responses to “Trev, the “build it yourself, power it yourself” car

  1. Joe O'Hanlon

    Hi Team Trev,
    I whole heartedly agree with your philosophy.
    Most cars do most miles on short trips. There are a relatively few optomists who will have a go at a small city car, home to work /supermarket etc. (I would like to be one). BUT it seems that the world of self-centred individuals want a fat 4×4 as a ‘battering ram’ — ‘I and mine are safe’ — intercontinental missile — prestige symbol to go to the shops in!
    The battle to change attitudes will be long .
    Can youimagine a street full ofTrev’s. It would be brilliant!…. But when?
    I’ll stop rambling.
    PS. Our team (ManTTx) is working on our electric bike 2010 Isle of Man TT Race entry, a re-build of last years bike.
    I am looking at power train options for 2011.

  2. Joe O'Hanlon

    As a PPS, I take it a few of the $100,000’s provided by Google to Aptera Motors would have been useful in the Trev project?!!

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