New Sponsor – Galaxy Resources

Team Trev is delighted to welcome onboard a new sponsor: Galaxy Resources.

Galaxy Resources is an emerging Australian mining and chemical company focusing on lithium and tantalum production. It is at an advanced stage of developing its Mt Cattlin Lithium Project in Ravensthorpe, Western Australia. It intends to add value to the Mt Cattlin Project by establishing its own downstream lithium processing facilities in Jiangsu Province, China.

Team Trev Director Andrew Dickson said Galaxy Resources is a great fit for Team Trev.

“Lithium is an essential ingredient in many battery technologies, including the lithium ion batteries favoured by electric cars including Trev. Many future electric cars will be powered by batteries containing Australian lithium mined and processed by Galaxy Resources.”

“We are grateful to Galaxy for their Gold sponsorship of Team Trev, and we are happy to take Galaxy’s brand around the world with us during Zero Race.”


One response to “New Sponsor – Galaxy Resources

  1. Keith Drake

    Congratulations to TREV team

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