New Sponsor – ABN Newswire

We’re delighted to announce a new sponsor for Team Trev: ABN Newswire .

The leading newswire in Asia and with extensive communications networks across Australia, the US and Europe, ABN Newswire will take Team Trev’s message to a global audience.

Commenting about the partnership, ABN Newswire Director Tim Mckinnon says that it is simply a case of two groups getting together to promote common values of sustainability.

“Team Trev embodies the values of innovation and environmental conservation that are important to our company,” he says. “Trev challenges the way we think – it is the result of re-examining traditional methods and finding new and more efficient ways to make progress,” he says.

“At a time when creating a sustainable environment is at the top of the global agenda, Trev is proof that people can actively participate in creating real solutions. It’s one of the reasons why ABN Newswire is excited about this collaboration and about broadcasting Trev to the world.”

Team Trev Director Andrew Dickson says that the support of ABN Newswire represents a strong vote of confidence in the team.

“Team Trev is a not-for profit team of volunteers whose key aim is to show the world that there are alternative methods of personal transportation that can protect our environment and save you money,” he says.

“Our belief has always been that Trev is a solution to the impending problems of peak oil and climate change. It’s an electric car which could be built by anyone, and uses such little energy that it could be powered by domestic solar panels. Without the support of sponsors, Team Trev would not make it to Shanghai to start in Zero Race.

“The support of ABN Newswire means that we are one step closer to our dream of delivering Trev’s message to the world.”

View ABN Newswire’s media release about the sponsorship here.


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