Up close and personal – Nick Jones

It’s time to get up close and personal with one of the volunteers who’ll get behind the wheel when Trev takes on Zero Race. Meet 23 year old Adelaide local Nick Jones, who can’t wait to put Trev to the test and – better yet – to raise global awareness about electric cars.


Describe yourself in three words
Engineer, cyclist, tall

What is your ‘day job’?
Electrical Engineer for ASC Pty Ltd (formerly Australian Submarine Corporation).

Favourite movie?
Couldn’t single one out but high on the list are Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Lord of the Rings & Forest Gump.

Favourite food?

Person who most inspires you?
Cadel Evans

How did you get involved with Team Trev?
I volunteered when I was in my 2nd year at UniSA. I was lucky, as the construction of Trev started the next day.

Have you driven Trev much before?
I was one of the two that drove Trev from Darwin to Adelaide – and I loved every minute of it.

Is Trev comfortable to drive in?
Yes it is. Trev will be even better with some proper ventilation. I have not been a passenger yet – I’m keen to see how the new back seat turns out.

Would you buy a car like Trev?
I would. I have had many people ask where they can buy one too. The first time Trev was on display, a man literally got his cheque book out and asked how much!

What most excites you about Zero Race?
Having the chance to put Trev to the test and show people that electric cars are now viable.

Have you done anything like this before?
Aside from driving Trev in the World Solar Challenge, I used to build and race Pedal Prix cars. I am also a member of the Aurora Solar Car team; I raced with Aurora in the 2009 Global Green Challenge (Darwin to Adelaide).

How would you describe your driving style?
Smooth, efficient.

What will you think about while you’re on the road?
How good it is to not care about the price of fuel. And also my family and friends.

What can people learn from Trev?
That you don’t need over a tonne of metal to move you around town (or around the world).

What do you hope to achieve through Zero Race?
To prove that electric cars are better than conventional ones and generally raise awareness of environmental issues.

If you could get one message across to people about electric cars, what would it be?
They are actually fast, fun and easy to drive. They also outperform petrol cars in many ways. I have driven both types and I would choose electric.

If Trev could talk, what would it say?
“I’m Trev. I’m green”


3 responses to “Up close and personal – Nick Jones

  1. Good for you Nick, nice casual approach and we can tell you are comfortable with Trev and are showing a little excitement too.

    You obviously picked the photo!

  2. I’d been hoping that someone would line up as a supplier of body panels and other parts so that the ideal of “a car anyone could build” actually becomes a car anyone could build.

    I guess that’s not going to happen until after the race when people have attention to spare.

    • We are all very busy at the moment preparing for Zero Race. However, we have made some modifications to Trev that will make it easier for the home builder.

      First, we are using more standard components. We have replaced the rear end of the car with the swing-arm assembly from a Vectrix scooter. We are also replacing the front wheels and suspension with components from a Can-Am Spyder.

      Second, we are exploring the use of polypropylene honeycomb. So far we have made a new rear seat, and will shortly be making a new battery tray. One of the nice properties of the polypropylene core is that it can be moulded into complex curves—we made our contoured rear seat base in a simple timber mould. It is also inexpensive.

      As we complete this work we will document it on Trevipedia.


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