Louis Palmer’s public talk

Last night, Team Trev and Louis Palmer, founder and director of Zero Race, gave a public presentation in Adelaide to an enthusiastic audience of about 65 people.

Team Trev manager, Andrew Dickson, introduced our team of volunteers and explained how and why we are going to take the UniSA car, Trev, and drive it around the world. Next, technical manager Peter Pudney showed the audience how to build a Trev.

The main attraction was Louis Palmer, who gave an inspiring presentation about how he achieved his childhood dream of driving a solar powered car around the world.

Louis describing his bicycle ride across Africa

Louis finished off with a brief overview of Zero Race. Louis and Team Trev then took questions from the audience before moving outside to look at Trev.


3 responses to “Louis Palmer’s public talk

  1. Alexandra James

    Louis clearly believes. It was so clear, so simple and very entertaining.

    Thanks for sharing, you held the group enthralled for over an hour, a great feat.

    Go Team Trev 🙂

  2. Judy Prior

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Launch of Team Trev’ presentation. Most informative.

    This site is expanding (have only just looked at the comments and replies) through some interest and more people say they have either seen Trev on TV or heard about it.

    However – I’d like to see in the info section at right of each page – how Trev was named, as I believe the last 2 letters refer to electric vehicle.

    Am I right ? If so it should be pointed out repeatedly and will help everyone remember Trev!

    • We like to keep Trev a bit mysterious, but we will tell you how it was named.

      When UniSA built its first solar car, it was named Ned, after Ned Kelly, because the driver peered out through a narrow slit. The full name was Ned 26, because the driver’s head was 2.6 metres from the nose of the car. We also had designs for a Ned 24 and a Ned 28, but Ned 26 had the most appealing side profile. You can see photographs of Ned on the UniSA web site.

      The name “Ned” was very successful—people recognised the car, and remembered the name.

      When we had almost finished building our commuter car, we had to choose a name and a colour. We wanted a name that would be memorable, Australian, and might stand for something. Bev (Battery Electric Vehicle) was in common use, and Nev (No-Emissions Vehicle) might have been confused with a slow Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle. So we went with Trev—Two-seater Renewable Energy Vehicle.

      We also had to pick a colour. Trev had been red throughout the design process. But red is a combustion colour. Faced with a book of colour samples, we picked the colour that would let us have the slogan “Trev. It’s green.”

      Thanks for your suggestion. We have changed the information box at the top right of every page so that the name “Trev” links to the About Trev page, which explains the name.

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