Louis Palmer visits Adelaide

In June 2010, Team Trev will set off from Shanghai in a small green electric car, Trev, and drive around the world.

Trev is the only Australian entrant in Zero Race, a tour around the world for electric vehicles powered by renewable energy.

The founder and Race Director of Zero Race, Louis Palmer, will be visiting us from Switzerland on 7 January 2010, and giving a public presentation on Zero Race and on his Solar Taxi adventures. This is a great opportunity to meet Trev and Team Trev, and to see Louis speak.

See Upcoming Events for more information about our event, and the Zero Race web site for more information about Louis.

We are still looking for volunteers and supporters to help with our campaign. If you are interested, get involved.

One response to “Louis Palmer visits Adelaide


    Somewhat less than a century ago, 1938 to be precise, when studying physics under Prof. Kerr Grant, our major textbook was W.S. Franklin’s “General Physics”, to which the author had written a foreword which went something like this-

    “The tragedy of science is that the man in the street sees its purpose as providing the means for him to go ever faster and further on journeys on which he has no need to go, and to speed the transmission of communication that, if their transmission were to take a hundred years, would not lose any of whatever meaning they might contain”.

    Am I wrong in thinking that sustainability, whether of transport or any other factor involved in human existence, is better obtained by refraining from the unnecessary use of such factors than attempting to evade the inevitability of scarcity?

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