Team Trev is born

After a month of consideration, Team Trev was officially born last Friday.

The University of South Australia (UniSA) will lend Trev to the new independent team “Team Trev”, which will upgrade the car, campaign it in Zero Race, then return it to UniSA.

There’s much to be done. Technically, we need to add more batteries to extend Trev’s range, fit a new motor and controller, add a new battery management system and onboard battery charger, upgrade the brakes and suspension, improve the instrumentation, re-hinge the canopy, add a rear passenger seat, add a windscreen cleaning system, and get the car registered.

Financially, we need to bring onboard the Sponsors and Benefactors who will help fund our Zero Race campaign, and plan fundraising events which can enable the wider community to support us.

Logistically, we need to start planning all the aspects of a long overseas race including personnel transport, car transport, food, accommodation, driving rosters, driver training, car registration, visas, navigation … and so much more.

Zero Race will be an incredible event, taking us through at least 20 countries in a race around the world in 80 days. Publicity events are planned in major cities including Paris, Munich, Vienna, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, New York, Montreal and London.

Trev will compete alongside a variety of great electric vehicles including Tesla Roadsters, various small electric cars and several electric motorbikes. One thing is guaranteed—we’re going to attract a lot of attention wherever we go!

If you’d like to be part of the action, we’d love to have you join us.

5 responses to “Team Trev is born

  1. causse bruno

    hi , i am a little company based in south of france . I was very surprised when i saw your trev ! sure because i am working exactly on the same concept ! but with two versions electric and hybrid ! i patented a special engine based on a litle gas motor from scooter , it will be very great into this kind of vehicule !
    my choise ( because my company is not ritch ) was to use a light airplaine fuselage , now we are starting to built the first prototype , his name is UHV for urban hybrid vehicule .
    i need to know if you project to work more on trev project or if it is just a short study without commercial life .
    my idea is to propose you a deal to put my hybrid engine into your car , what do you think about that ?
    like this i will win time to finalise my project and you will use my engine to continu trev story
    my best regards
    b causse

    • Trev was designed as a prototype car to demonstrate the concept of a low-mass car powered by renewable energy. Since building Trev and driving it across Australia we have have been contacted by several companies interested in commercialising the design, but nothing has progressed.

      Earlier this year we launched Trevipedia, a web site for individuals wanting to build their own versions of Trev. Our aim is to get the design to the stage where it can be a kit car.

      At the moment there is only one car, and we are concentrating on upgrading that car to be a 250 km electric car for the Zero Race.

      Some Trevipedia users are considering building their own cars, and some of these are interested in hybrid drive systems.


  2. ok , thanks for reply !
    so , if i want to order you a fully equiped trev without engine and battery it is posible??
    can you propose my hybrid engine to others users ?

  3. All of my queistons settled—thanks!

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